soma earth invites you to live naturally, create self-sufficiently and renovate sustainably.

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soma earth RENOVATIONS

We can help you RENOVATE something old or build something new with our quality teams!

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soma earth DESIGN

We offer design & permit drawings for healthy, sustainable renovations or new projects!

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We offer seminars & workshops to teach you how to live and build with healthy, sustainable choices.

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soma earth Blog

Learn how we create healthy, sustainable and self-sufficient living environments. Explore what inspires us to grow & live in greater balance with nature!


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“Working with Ingrid is like having a trusted expert on your side. Ingrid brought a wealth of information, ideas, resources and connections to my whole house renovation and I am extremely pleased with the outcome. She took great care in specifying materials and preparing the bids for our contractors. Her warmth and open demeanor made it a pleasure to work with her. She listened well and incorporated all of my needs into the project, adding her creative and caring insight into every aspect of the project.” - Bettina Hoar, Client, Consultant / Sustainability Facilitator at Sage Idea Studio