soma” means “body” in Latin or Greek.  The name “soma earth” (or body earth) came out of the deep respect and passion that we have to protect and live inter-dependently with Nature and the Earth that we share and all live on together.  The earth is a body like our own body and sincerely needs to be loved and cared for in protective and sustainable ways.

Mother Earth Gai by Pearl Whitecrow

Mother Earth Gaia by Pearl Whitecrow

soma earth is a holistic, design + renovation company that includes a broad scope of services and products that focuses on sustainability, connecting the health of the body and environment to building  in our everyday lives. We are heart-centred, sustainable design/builders that also teach what we do through seminars and workshops.


At soma earth, we listen deeply to what your needs and wants are as you describe your dream visions to us.  We also can hear the unspoken desires or even possibly blocks and restrictions that you may not be aware of, help you to identify them and find resourceful ways to move through them.  We can assist you to navigate through the complexities of manifesting your project to create the most ideal balance for a safe, healthy environment that will sustain you through the growing earth changes.

We can also help you select the most optimal property to be able to live more self-sufficiently in a new building from scratch, or we can guide you as to the best way to renovate an existing building to become more energy efficient and sustainable.

Although we have a rare and unique specialty in straw bale, natural building construction, we also are very familiar with a wider range of gentle impact, low carbon footprint and lowest embodied energy building materials and systems that can be found locally. We can provide support for you not only on practical levels for budgets, design, sustainable options, permits, drawings, project management or total design/build construction, but we can also offer you new ways to grow in your intimate relationship with your built environment and how you relate co-creatively with Nature.

As deep ecology environmentalists, we will work with you in a heart-and-client-centred way.  We love what we do and love to inspire and create spaces that emanates a quality of experience that speaks volumes about a commitment to environmental and sustainable, deep ecology principles that not only supports the longer term health for the earth, but also supports the greatest possible health and ecology for ourselves to be able to continue living inter-dependently with each other on our beloved planet.

People often comment that our building designs feel peaceful, relaxing and balanced as well as are extremely healthy to live in as they are non-toxic and chemically-free.  We look forward to working with you and joyfully co-create together the more efficient and sustainable solutions to meet your values, budget and needs.

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