“Working with Ingrid is like having a trusted expert on your side. Ingrid brought a wealth of information, ideas, resources and connections to my whole house renovation and I am extremely pleased with the outcome. She took great care in specifying materials and preparing the bids for our contractors. Her warmth and open demeanor made it a pleasure to work with her. She listened well and   incorporated all of my needs into the project, adding her creative and caring insight into every aspect of the project.”

– Bettina Hoar, Client,  Consultant / Sustainability Facilitator at Sage Idea Studio


“Ingrid’s ability to work co-creatively and artistically with all the projects she undertakes, from architecture to earth-work, to workshops, comes from a deep life-long passion to return beauty and integrity back to our everyday lives.”

–  Andrea Mathieson, Owner, Raven Essences & Facilitator at Earth Song Mysteries School


“I really appreciate your manner of expressing the values important to you and expressing also the defense of things you imparted into the plan on [your client’s], behalf all the while leaving it open to [him] to consider, weigh and decide or defer as necessary. I am very much looking forward to this and future projects working alongside you!”

–  Ben Polley, Natural Builder, Harvest Homes


“Your level of cooperation and competency have allowed me to sleep again at night! The Architect who is on the building committee for the  museum was very impressed with the drawings. The speed at which you are getting things done is very heartening! It has gone some way to restoring my faith in working with Architects!”

– Chris Magwood, Client & Co-Founder of The Endeavour Centre

“Ingrid is a passionate and creative being. These qualities shine through in everything she does, not least, her architectural works.”

         – Paula Baker-Laporte FAIA, President, EcoNest Architecture Inc.