soma earth builds naturally to create healthy and sustainable environments





We invite you to create with us the healthiest, non-toxic, most energy efficient and energetically balanced, built environment. soma earth designs + renovates spaces that are as natural as possible and are in balance with our beloved planet EARTH.

At soma earth, when we can, we are also passionate about creating spaces that are alive and full of soul. We often try to incorporate a few or more of the following innovative design principles such as:

  • Healthy building, non-toxic materials & systems
  • Passive solar principles
  • Ethical integrity of sustainable building materials
  • Low embodied energy, low carbon footprint and as local as possible
  • Hygrophilic, vapour permeable, wall systems
  • Energetic space balancing (geopathic, electrical, EMF’s)
  • Living and Sacred Geometry

I + BWe believe in developing long term, sustainable relationships
 and working collaboratively with our clients, which begins with active listening.  We deliver the highest standard of excellence and we stand by our word.  We put our clients first by working with them to find the unique solutions that satisfy their needs while meeting their budgetary requirements.