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stover house rendering

Our passion is to design beautiful, healthy buildings from the most sustainable, least processed and most local materials available. Click on the following links to view gallery photographs and descriptions of each project;

Urban Sustainable Renovation Design Project

     Sustainable Renovation - Living

     Urban Sustainable Renovation

Sustainable House Design Projects

      IMG_8709                                  Oval house cropped                     stover house rendering

 Toronto Straw Bale Retrofit      Oval Straw Bale House     Hamilton Straw Bale House

Sustainable Institutional Design project  





Madoc Preforming Arts Centre     RD Lawrence Museum

Sustainable Feasibilty Studies 

                            PH Retail Village - Plan               Earth Organic Farms - PerspectiveYoga Centre - Plan 3






Port Hope Retail Village     Earth Organic Farms     Guelph Yoga Centre

Hardware, Paintings & Sculptures

    Artwork -Heart Flame

   Arts & Crafts

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Natural Building

We have extensive experience with ALL natural building types. After many years of building with straw bales and other natural materials, and being Project Architect for the Flemming College Sustainable Design course projects built in 2007 & 2008, we are now teaching our own natural building skills and information seminars and workshops.

Natural Buildings employs many sustainable building methods, and makes use of non-toxic, healthy, low-embodied energy materials like hemp straw bales, milk paints and soy stains, and local earthen plasters. Just the building type does not ensure a healthy home. You must specify all building materials, finishes, paints, stains, furnishings, cabinetry, etc. to follow the same guidelines as choosing building materials.