Arts & Crafts

A collection of the more crafts & artistic side of soma earth – from the personal portfolio of the artwork of Ingrid Cryns.

As an artist, Ingrid grew up with a love for arts and crafts.  Her mother was an avid crafts enthusiast, fabric artist, spinner & master weaver who also taught various crafts to high school students at the Toronto Waldorf School.  From a young age, Ingrid developed a love for pottery, silver jewelry making as well as pencil crayon, oil and pastel drawings that she practices off and on as a personal passion aside from her work as an Architect.  Here is a small sampling of her collection.

The decorative hardware was designed for Eye Designs, a company that Ingrid Cryns created from 1993 – 1996.  There were 4 small cabinet knobs (named amoeba, arp….), 2 types of curtain finals and some larger knobs and hooks.  Inspired by the works of Antoni Guadi, Henry Moore and Jan Arp  the knobs were designed to feel sensuous for the hand.  The hardware was designed in sculptor’s wax, with aluminum forms that were made for mass production. They were sand cast in recycled aluminum or bronze.  An unsually large  Arts & Crafts Council Award of $9000 was given in 1994 to develop this line of hardware.  Winner of the Virtue 6 Catalogue Exhibition, Eye Designs hardware, designed by Ingrid Cryns, was proclaimed  in the catalogue to be one of ‘Canada’s Top Designers’ in 1995.  This line of hardware was published as editorial features in Insite, Azure,  OAA Perspectives, FDM, Custom Builder, Homestyles, Bedroom & Bath, Globe & Mail, Better Home & Gardens, Canadian Interiors, Virtue Catalogue, Toronto Star,  and Metropolitan Home

The Bone-Wing & Goddess-Wing door handle’s sculpture is a set of hardware that was won in a competition in 1997 for the Older Women’s Nework Building Co-operative at 115 Esplanade Ave, in Toronto.  This was a $15,000 commission to create 4 giant bone-wing handles and 4 smaller goddess-wing handles.  They were sculpted in wax and sand-cast in bronze with MST Bronze Art Foundry in Toront0.

The logo of the tree woman symbol with the circle surrounding her is a significant symbol for the soma earth company.  She is Mother Nature, who embodies the integration of the sacred geometry principal of the circle, the divine feminine, with the cross, the divine masculine thrust of a focussed direction and intention, with both meeting in the heart at the centre of the circle & the point of the cross. Both forms meet in a sacred marriage and balance at the heart of the Nature as well as in the human form. This image was designed by Ingrid Cryns in 2000 at the birth of the company, soma earth.