Port Hope Retail Village

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Port Hope Retail Village

Port Hope Ontario

Feasibility Study



“To promote co-operative partnerships in creating a green, sustainable, commercial building project”

The clients vision was to create a pioneering, integrated, sustainable and environmentally friendly commercial project that includes cutting-edge green technologies, energy efficient buildings, sustainable living systems as well as co-operative educational opportunities. The intention was to demonstrate the enormous promise of sustainable building, renewable energy, and co-operative social entrepreneurial community enhancing partnerships.

Project Scope

The vision was to develop a green, eco-friendly, and self-sustainable business and commercial park. The concept, structure and experience for this development will have a ‘WOW’ factor that gives a signature icon image and will feature Port Hope as being the leader in historical preservation, high-quality life style with open spaces and the concept of live, work, shop, stay and play in a highly educated and welcoming neighbourhood, including summer attractions in signature sports as well as eco-friendly, cultural events.

The development will create robust, strategic economic growth, investment, and job creation opportunities in that area immediately outside of the Greenbelt (which limits the growth of GTA according to the Ontario Places to Grow Act). The Green-Eco Friendly retail, business, trade, commercial, industry and office park will show our commitment to support the town, strengthen the community, and market Port Hope to the rest of the North America as the “preferred destination to go to visit as a tourist throughout the year”.

Building structure & materials
  • ICF & other similar prefabricated building systems will be used.
  • Solar, Wind & Geothermal alternative energy resources  with ‘passive’ & ‘natural’ energy conservation construction
  • Blackwater/greywater, and natural watershed waste management methods will be encouraged.
  • Most structures will have a green roof
Town Economic Integration Initiatives

It will enhance the economy of the local township through jobs, programs & educational opportunities, alliances will be developed with educational institutions as well as natural & sustainable building organizations to encourage cross-utilization of the properties facilities as well as the town’s resources. As well as specialized programs may be created and piloted, targeting local youth and the unemployed. Local youth community centres will be established offering a variety of activities.

Project Components

The proposed Master Plan will create the best use of land as well as flexible enough to change the labeled use of the buildings based on the changing progress on marketing, sales, expansion of the project, and partnership with the town. Here are the main program elements:

  • Hotel, Conference Centre & Banquet Hall
  • Farmer’s Market – moving the existing seasonal market to an enclosed environment for year-round use
  • Restaurants Village & Plaza
  • Retail outlet mall & Retail big box stores
  • Offices and Social Programs