Madoc Preforming Arts Centre

Madoc Preforming Arts Centre

Durham St. & Livingston Rd, Madoc, ON

Completed 2008  

Gross Floor Area: 2000 SF [193 m2 ]

Net Zero Energy Consumption

soma earth acted as Project Architect for Fleming College’s 2008 Sustainable Design Program


The Madoc Performing Arts Centre is a public events building located in the small community of Madoc, Ontario. The project objective from the start was to create a structure that reduced immediate and future impact on the environment by using locally sourced and low processed materials and systems, while enhancing the social and cultural fabric of the town. The The Madoc Performing Arts Centre employs many sustainable building methods, and makes use of non-toxic, low-embodied energy materials like hemp straw bales, milk paints, and local earthen plasters. The completed project represents a significant advance in structural and natural building technologies in Canada, and serves as a best practice example for Southern Ontario. The project considers aspects of sustainable design that go beyond the current criteria for LEED platinum, and it represents the best available choices for building materials in our northern climate.

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