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Sustainable Design + Build Services


Oval Kitchen paperstone counter CROPPEDWe offer small-scale, sustainable building design consultation, renovation design, staging consultation, permit drawings and site construction review.


  • We have an in-house team that can design, consult as well as build minor renovation work or handyman services – with an eye for sustainable, non-toxic and healthy options – both for you and the earth!  Ask us for a quote and we will give you a cost effective proposal with alternative eco-friendly options!



We will help you design and build a project at any scale with our team of experts in green, sustainable design.

    • We are widely connected from various design consultants (LEED’s, Building Biology, Planners, large scale projects – joint venture firms, etc. ) to natural builders and sub-trade specialists (straw bale, plaster, timber frame, etc.)
    • We have a finger on the pulse of what’s out there and can find specific resources for you fairly quickly.

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We can prepare Permit Building Documents and help you pick the best natural builder or contractor for your project.

  • Our office has the experience and knowledge to not only provide a well drafted set of permit drawings, but we also have the ability to source pre-selected quality contractors for you to consider to build your project.



We can provide Project Management services to aid the best flow of communication.

  • We have over two decades of experience in Project Management in the construction industry.  We have the awareness of what the stages of the work are and how to manage the workflow with efficient paperwork flow trails as well as effective communication systems.

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For most sustainable building projects we with work natural builders in a unique integrative way to control the budget and information between you and the detailed costs of your dream design.

  • It is often best to initiate this process a year in advance as these specialty builders are in high demand in Ontario.



  • Here are a few projects that have benefited from our trusted relationship approach:

a. Oval Straw Bale House with Harvest Homes

b. Toronto Straw Bale House with The Fourth Pig Workers Coop

c. Toronto Interior Sustainable Renovations with Greening Homes

For small scale projects under ~1000 SF we offer an in-house design/ build approach

  • The project needs to match our design philosophy criteria and include a teaching program that enables a particular teaching theme to be implemented with a group of people.
  • This requires an application process with a significant amount of planning and an upfront, retainer deposit & financial commitment several months in advance.
  • There will be a significant reduction in the cost of your building as some of the labour will be free due to the workshop participants.  Design and preparation building fee to be negotiated with owner at a significant discount.  Materials supplied or purchased are  the owner’s responsibility and will be charged at  cost + 10% markup for admin & pick-up/delivery time.
  • Please fill out an application!

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