Healthy Home Tips

Toronto Straw Bale House by soma earth

Toronto Straw Bale House by soma earth

10 Aspects That Define a Healthy Home – Part 1

Have you ever wondered what defines a ‘healthy home‘? A healthy home is one that provides the optimum environment for its occupants that is free of any toxic materials or systems that could pollute their bodies.  This also includes a larger perspective of how it serves the health of the planet overall. Did you know that indoor air quality can be up to 10x more toxic indoors than outdoors?  Or that your house could actually be making you feel sick?  CLICK HERE FOR MORE…

 10 Tips on How to Create a Healthy Home – Part 2

In my previous post, I talked about the first 5 tips to creating a healthy home.  Here in Part 2 of this series, is another list of 5 items that discusses a variety of aspects that I feel defines a Healthy Home!   CLICK HERE FOR MORE….

Low Budget Eco Renovation by soma earth

Low Budget Eco Renovation by soma earth

19 Green and Healthy Home, First Aid / Renovation Tips

Here is a handy list of 19 tips on what I would recommend as the priority items to green your home in a healthier and more ecological way. This is kind of like emergency first aid for your home! Some houses are in need of some serious sustainable ER these days! Several of these renovation approaches will also lower your long term operating costs and increase the energy efficiency of your house at the same time. CLICK HERE FOR MORE…

How Healthy & Green is your Kitchen?

A green kitchen should include good natural lighting for improved visibility, good ventilation to clear the air of vapors and indoor air toxins, low-toxicity surfaces and finishes, environmentally responsible  materials, energy and water efficient appliances, and surfaces that are easily cleanable, durable, and, of course, aesthetically pleasing. CLICK HERE FOR MORE…

IMG_5397The 4 Waves of Creating a Green, Sustainable, Healthy & Harmonious Building

There are 4 waves or aspects that I feel encompasses the exciting & pioneering field of green sustainable building. The first wave is where most people are aware of sustainable design as an aspect of saving energy. The second wave is where more people are understanding that there is also an aspect of how design can include healthy, non-toxic use of materials and air systems. The third wave includes an awareness of invisible EMF and electrical toxicity and how to design for this. The fourth wave and in some ways a much less known aspect, is how to design buildings to work with invisible environmental energies and how to enhance the vibrational frequencies in a pro-active & protective manner. CLICK HERE FOR MORE….

Organic Food, Organic Building

As we are taking greater care with the quality of the food that we put into our bodies, we can also take greater care with the quality buildings that we construct.  Not only for the health benefits of enhancing our physical bodies, but also for the greater good of a healthier earth that we can be shared for the next generations and more. CLICK HERE FOR MORE…

Brad + strawbaleWhy Build with Straw Bales?

Straw Bale Walls have a superb R value (not to mention it is a natural and local material) which is why we encourage their use as insulation in buildings. They stack between a less dense wood frame, either on their side (18?) or flat (24?) and then are plastered on either side. The plaster seals the wall while allowing it to breathe and securing lateral loads. After the plaster has dried, you can put any other finishes you like over top. CLICK HERE FOR MORE…

Retro-Fitting Sustainably with Straw Bales 

Is your home resilient and adaptable to extreme weather challenges due to the increasing climate changes? Have you considered building or retro-fitting sustainably with straw bales? Are you wondering if where you live will begin to be more impacted by floods, high winds, earthquakes or extreme heat or cold? Over the past several months, many areas around the world are experiencing dramatic fluctuations of temperature changes & the resulting weather impacts to their immediate environment. CLICK HERE FOR MORE…