Healthy House

Ashstead Place 2A healthy body and mind is also affected by our surrounding spaces or environments.  Bacteria, mold, volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) found in paints, sealants, adhesives as well as formaldehyde found in kitchen & bathroom cabinets, furniture and even mattress fire coatings, are just a beginning of becoming aware of what could be making you sick in your house.

A healthy home is one that is free of all potential invisible toxins.  There is no mold in the basement or from a leak in the roof.  There is no off-gassing from formaldehyde in the high VOC’s.  These ‘unknown’ toxins can create serious physical problems in the body and even in the mind!

Common body symptoms that can increase significantly are severe allergy symptoms such as itchy eyes, runny nose, sinitus, respiratory ailments, asthma can be induced or amplified and even cancer can occur.

Common mind symptoms are foggy brain, inability to hold a focus, distracted thinking, headaches or migraines and even drowsiness.

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We can offer you a diversity of alternative building materials that are healthy and environmentally friendly.  We can also provide a renovation quote with and without these choices so that you can see how little extra they can sometimes cost.

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Living in a healthy house that can be supportive rather than detrimental to the body and mind can be a great challenge in these times.  So many houses are built with cheap, mass production methods that have had no idea about the long term consequences in terms of its highly toxic effects on the body or even the longer term effects of how it uses up the fossil fuel resources of the earth or how it will be discarded if it is not directly biodegradable.  Many furniture items are built this way as well.  As people’s bodies begin to break down, the awareness of what could be affecting them goes up.  Eventually, awareness of the physical environment becomes another important aspect of how to discern what is healthy and what is not!

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Another level of toxicity is EMF (Electromagnetic Frequency) or dirty electricity pollution, as well as earth energy lines such as geopathic energy and more.  These body & mind symptoms can also be represented as amplified allergy symptoms, or an inability to hold focus, as described above.  Even arguments,  negative thinking or cancer can be significantly increased as well.  People with nervous system disorders such as Parkinsons, MS, epilepsy are more at risk with this kind of invisible toxic surroundings and should seriously investigate how to transmute and mitigate their environments as soon as possible.

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How can you determine if or what in your house may be affecting you?  You can hire us for an initial consultation to identify the variety of possibilities and we can then provide you a selection of options or further resources of how to remedy your particular situation.

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