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Healthy Sustainable Renovations 

We are a growing company that can not only design beautiful healthy and sustainable buildings, but we can also help you to grow your own vision and project manage or build them for you.  We have a variety of ways that we can do this;

We have a team of highly qualified people that can consult and/or  build residential or commercial renovation work, additions as well as essential handyman services – with an eye for sustainable, non-toxic and healthy options – both for you and the earth!

Call us and we will give you a cost effective proposal with alternative eco-friendly options!

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Ingrid Timber Framing

We have over two decades of experience in Project Management in the construction industry.  We have the awareness of what the stages of the work are and how to manage the workflow with efficient paperwork flow trails as well as effective communication systems.

We are widely connected from various design consultants (LEED’s, Building Biology, Planners, Landscape Architects, Permaculture consultants, structural & mechanical engineers,  etc. ) to natural builders and sub-trade specialists (mechanical, plumbers, electricians, soils consultants, solar, radiant heating, masonry stove installers,  Well & Land energy dowsers, straw bale, plaster, timber frame, etc.)  We have a finger on the pulse of what’s out there and can find specific resources for you fairly quickly.