Natural Builders


soma earth  prefers to work with people that are innovative, act with integrity and are passionate about sustainable building. This list of natural builders are those that we have worked with in the past and highly recommend.

In the Natural Building industry, it is more common that a sustainable Architect works in a collaborative nature with a Natural Builder from the beginning of the design phaseEach builder has a unique process and experience that is important to understand in order to streamline the entire process.  Often, the more experienced natural builders are booked a year in advance.  It is usually better if you can plan a full year ahead before you start to build your project in any case.    This gives enough time for an integrated design process including time for permits or for any other authorities (Conservation, Heritage, Committee of Adjustment, etc.) that may need to review the project.


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Fourth Pig Worker Co-op
Melinda Zytaruk

The Fourth Pig Worker Co-op (a non-profit organization) specializes in sustainable building design, education and construction, natural building materials design and installation as well as renewable energy installation. Toronto & Muskoka offices.


Ben Polley

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Evolve Builders Group Inc.
Ben Polley

Harvest Homes offers a full range of ecological construction and renovation services to clients in Ontario, Canada and Central America. Strawbale construction, product sourcing, teaching and consulting, as well as expertise incorporating ecological systems—wind and solar power, water collection, waste, and energy efficiency—into homes new and old. Evolve Builders Group services Guelph & Tri-Cities, Wellington, Grey, Bruce, Simcoe, Caledon, Georgian Bay and Muskoka. For interesting projects we will sometimes also consider London, Essex, Niagara Region and Peel north of the GTA.



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Greening Homes
Chris Phillips

Greening Homes was founded on the mandate to minimize the environmental impact of their projects as much as possible. They do this by using a four-pronged approach to sustainability: By careful and educated material selection, through responsible waste management, by minimizing carbon emissions in our transportation to and from their sites, and by simply building energy efficient, beautiful, and durable structures. They are committed to being an impetus for change in what is often a very wasteful, unhealthy, and energy inefficient industry.  Services mainly the central Toronto area.



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Camel’s Back Construction
Tina Therrien

Camels Back Construction, Ontario’s first straw bale building company, has been in operation since 1998 from the Peterborough area. Tina Therrien is sole proprietor of the company, and she brings her passion of the natural building world and teaching to the forefront of the business. There are many talented and skilled employees who round out the team of camels with exceptional plastering, woodworking and straw bale abilities.



1131 Paradise Lane.
Ashland, Oregon 97520
541.488.9508 (8:00am to 5:00pm Mon.-Fri. PST)


Health, ecology and sustainability begin at home in an EcoNest. These elegant, hand-crafted homes utilize natural building techniques including: timber framing, clay/straw walls, earth plastering and natural, non-toxic finishes throughout. The clay/straw walls of each home are built during a 4-day workshop lead by the EcoNest Building team. Also on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia. They have built a couple of EcoNest Buildings in Ontario, one of which is a bed and breakfast that you can try out overnight what it feels like to live in a straw clay home. Both Paula Baker-Laporte (Architect) and Robert Laporte (Natural Builder & Master Timber Framer) grew up in Ontario and often visit family here. If you would like to use one of the inexpensive stock plans as a base to work with, we would invite them here to host a workshop to build your new home.