Straw Bale Shed Studio Retrofit

IMG_5397Location: Udora, Ontario

Size: 300 SF

Design/Builder: soma earth

Completed 2013

This small building was a dilapidated wood frame shed with vinyl siding.  The frame was retrofitted with an additional interior frame of 12″ walls on two sides for a rammed earth light straw/clay infill and a 16″ wood frame to fit a straw bale wall at the south end.  The north end has a recycled denim insulation infill called Ultratouch.  The south roof was replaced and raised with new hand built sissor trusses to create a high cathedral ceiling inside.  The attic has blown cellulose insulation.  The end gables have wood shakes and the roof is made of recycled plastic from Enviroshake. The following sustainable features where implemented in this building;

  • Straw Bale 16″ wide wall
  • Light straw clay 12″ wide walls
  • Ultratouch, recycled denim insulation – From EcoBuilding Resource
  • Blown celluslose attic insulation
  • Green, O VOC sealants and caulking – From EcoBuilding Resource
  • Wood stove heating

WITH GRATITUDE TO ALL THE VOLUNTEERS & WORKERS WHO MADE THIS PROJECT POSSIBLE: Jakub Misiek (Architectural Technologist/draftsman & builder),  Grebo Bustamente (builder), Nic Chesne (natural builder of the Fourth Pig),  Janice Hall (therapist, straw clay mixer & wall building), Tina Theiren (Camels Back Construction, straw bale wall & plaster guru guide),  Bryan Ruelens (builder & roof shingle installer), Ange Hoag (straw clay expert, timber framer from Natural Build & roof truss builder) & Ryan, Rita & Barry McGee (straw clay wall builders), Margaret MacCallum (natural builder, Flemming College graduate), Kenny Cryer (Structural Engineer & clay plaster volunteer), Zoran Beronja & Mia (builder, straw clay), Tara Whelan (soma earth staff & plaster work), Lori Fariday (soma earth staff & plaster work), Kassie Mediema (soma earth staff & plaster work), Tanya Hogarth (plaster work), Annemieke Cryns, (straw clay mixer & building)  Paloma van Groll, Chris Tron (straw clay mixer & building, plaster work)  & Brad Ruelens (builder, handyman) + Enviroshake Shingles and EcoBuilding Resource (Ultrarouch denim insulation) for discounted and donated materials. Contact us for an appointment to visit this building!